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Community Outreach Intervention Liaison (COIL) (Ashville and Surrounding Counties)

PURPOSE OF POSITION: To facilitate dialogue and develop relationships with community organizations and

providers (hospitals, inpatient facilities, urgent care facilities, SA programs, non-profit agencies, shelters, clinicians, DSS,

etc.) to increase client base for agency programs and services. To assess marketing needs and goals in different areas of

the agency and strategically create and implement plans to increase productivity with referrals into the agency through

presentations, online and print marketing materials, community events, etc. Facilitate clients' needs entering treatment

via referrals and patient engagement to increase retention of client base. The COIL will oversee their territories’

marketing requirements, goals, and needs. The duties also include establishing short and long-range target goals calling

on specified targets while maintaining communication with management and other team members within the agency.

Must be a motivated self-starter, organized, hardworking, compassionate team player who is able to work in a very fast

paced, unpredictable environment. Must enjoy traveling within designated areas, be resourceful, and have reliable


Current Openings

  • Case support activities are performed by an individual employed by a provider agency. The activities are for members that do not have other services in place that provide this type of clinical support, or have had services temporarily suspended due to extenuating circumstances such as a pandemic. The service is designed to meet some of the broad health care, educational, vocational, residential, financial, and social and other non-treatment needs of the member. The service includes the arrangement, linkage or integration of multiple services and providers involved in the member’s care. This includes making referrals to enhanced service providers and following up to ensure services are initiated. This can also include provision of supportive contacts, skill reinforcement, and skill development through telephonic or other technology means.

  • Individual Support Services are “hands-on” individualized assistance with everyday activities that are required by a member with Severe and Persistent Mental Illness (SPMI) in order to live independently in the community. The services are intended to support adults ages eighteen (18) and older living in a private home, a licensed group home, an adult care home or a hospital that have a documented plan to transition to independent or shared housing. Additionally, this service may be used to help members maintain independent or shared housing. Specifically, this service provides assistance with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL) including preparing meals, managing money, shopping for household necessities, using the telephone, housecleaning, laundry, transporting the member to access the community, medication management, supervision and cuing. The goal is to provide coaching to the member in areas of need and fade this support over time.

  • Respite services provide periodic support and relief to the primary caregiver(s) from the responsibility and stress of caring for children ages three to 21 with mental health, developmental disabilities or substance use/addiction service needs and for adults 21 and older with developmental disabilities.